MM Student Thesis Guidance Guidance at UT Medan

On 16-18 November 2019 a Residential Thesis Guidance (BTR) and thesis writing clinic was held for Open University Master of Management (MM) students at UPBJJ UT Medan. The BTR 1 activity at the Medan UT UPBJJ was attended by 33 MM regular program students from Tapanuli Tengah Regency, North Sumatra and opened by UT Medan Director Sondang Purnamasari Pakpahan, M.A.

BTR is an academic seminar and intensive face-to-face guidance which is a series of processes for writing the final assignment program for students of the Postgraduate Program (PPs) UT. The BTR 1 activity aims to enable students to consult directly with expert discussants and supervisors to perfect their thesis proposals so that students can immediately carry out research. For PPs-UT, this activity provides an overview of progress writing TAPM MM UT students to ensure that students can complete their studies on time and produce a thesis that meets applicable standards.

The BTR 1 activity involved two expert discussants namely Prof. Tatang Ary Gumanti from Jember and Prof. Aldwin from Medan in addition to the supervisor from the University of North Sumatra and Medan State University. During BTR activities, expert discussants provide input on the relevance of the main research problem to the research topics taken, theoretical studies and appropriate research methods. From this BTR activity, students are expected to be able to obtain input and suggestions for improvement from the Expert Discussion and supervisors regarding the substance, methodology and writing format.

BTR activities are followed by a thesis writing clinic that aims to provide students with an understanding of the essence of thesis writing and the next steps must be taken to complete thesis writing. Acting as the resource persons for clinical activities were Prof. Tatang Ary Gumanti and Chair of the Amalia Management Master Kusuma Wardini, S.E., M.Com., Ph.D. From this thesis writing clinical activity, it is expected that students will be able to carry out literary studies in an effective manner and be able to write a thesis properly according to the applicable standard format so that they can complete their studies on time.