1. Article Writing PPs-UT

 Provisions for Writing Scientific Articles for PPs-UT Students

> Manuscript Requirements for Postgraduate Program Journals

> PPs-Online journal article format

> Example of the online journal Artilel pps


2. Public lecture

> Scope of Management Study Oleh Dr. Rizal E. Halim

> Scope of Public Administration Study by Prof. Muslis Hamdi MPA. Ph.D.

> Research Aspects in the Fisheries Management study by Dr. Eddy Supriyono

> Mathematical Learning Innovation oleh Dr. Yurniwati


Lecture Prof. Steven Henick (University of Maryland University College)

> Using an Entrepreneurial Spirit to Succeed in Global Business and the Public Sector

> Build Global Awareness Learning into Curriculum

> Experential Learning

> Future oriented training

> Prospect Management Challenges in the Digital Era


• Lecture Dr. Leslie Dinauer (University Of Maryland University College)

> CRM General Lecture

> Public Lecture on Emerging Technologies


• Lecture Prof. Robert W. Jerome (University Of Maryland University College)

> Trade Apec_Jerome

> Trade Indonesia Jerome

> Business Strategi


• Lecture Dr. Clarence J. Mann (University Of Maryland University College)

> Strategic Management Competencies

> Degree Perspective

> Enhancing Country Environment For Innovation

> Cultural Themes Shaping US management Practice


• Public Lectures Through Vicon 16 and 17 March 2013

> Management Oleh Prof. Dr. Augusty Tae Ferdinand

> Master of Marine Sciences Interest in Fisheries Management Oleh Dr. Ir. Sugeng Hari Wisudo, M.Sc

> Mathematics Education Oleh Dr. Jarnawi Afgani

> Public Administration Oleh Prof. Dr. Bhenyamin Hoessein


• Public Lecture Through Vicon 19 October 2019 MPDR

> Master in Basic Education: Research Proposal Seminar and Workshop Oleh Dr. Jarnawi Afgani Dahlan, M.Kes.


3. Format of PPs-UT Form

> General Guidance for filling in the Selection Form for UPBJJ Candidates for Master Program Organizers


4. Final Project PPs-UT Masters Program

> TAPM PPs-UT Guidance Guidance Guide

> Guide to Proposal Writing and Final Project PPs-UT Masters Program

> Guide to the PPs-UT Trial Examination